God, the Serpent, and then Jehovah

“[The book of Genesis] is divided into three sections. The first section (1:1—2:25) covers God’s creation, the second (3:1—11:9) covers the serpent’s corruption of mankind, and the third covers Jehovah’s calling.

Each of these sections begins with a special phrase. The first section begins with the words, “In the beginning God.”The second section begins with the phrase, “Now the serpent.” The third section begins with the words, “Now Jehovah” (12:1, Heb.).

In these three sections we see three titles—God, the serpent, and Jehovah. These titles mean a great deal to us. After God created, the serpent crept in to corrupt, and then Jehovah came in to call. So the book of Genesis mainly relates these three major things.

[Now we come to the most wonderful section of the book of Genesis, the section on God’s calling (11:10—50:26)].

Although Satan, working through fallen man, had apparently driven God out from the earth, God is sovereign and cannot be defeated or frustrated by any kind of attack. All of Satan’s work simply affords Him an excellent opportunity to display His wisdom…

Because of the fall, our relationship with God the Father is sweeter and more meaningful than it would have been without the fall….God is wise. He allowed the serpent to come in.

God watched the serpent and seemed to say, “Little serpent, what are you doing? Go ahead and do more. The more you do, the more opportunity I have to manifest My wisdom. Little serpent, do your best. Go on until you are satisfied and can do nothing more.”

Eventually, Satan had to say, “I have done all that I can do. I have exhausted myself in causing mankind to fall lower and lower. I cannot make him fall any further. This is all I can do. I am finished.”

When this point was reached, God came in, not as Elohim, but as Jehovah, the seed that was promised in 3:15.

Nothing can frustrate God, defeat Him, or force Him to forsake His eternal purpose. He will complete what He has determined to perform.

Nothing can change Him. Any interruption simply affords Him the opportunity to express more of His wise counsel.”

Witness Lee, AbrahamCalled by God, Excerpts from chapter 1

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