Dying as a Grain of Wheat

The Lord Jesus likened Himself to a grain of wheat (John 12:24), saying that unless the grain fell into the ground and died, it would abide alone; but if it died, it would bear much fruit. What is the significance of a grain of wheat?

The way that the wheat is multiplied and increased is through death. The wheat is planted in the ground, and the grain in effect dies.

But it doesn’t stop there…Not only does the grain die, but it also resurrects, growing up into many grains of wheat exactly the same as it is.

By His death and resurrection, Christ imparted Himself into all His believers (20:22; 1 Pet. 1:3). The one grain of wheat after death and resurrection became many grains. At the beginning of the gospels, Christ was the only begotten Son of God (John 3:18), the one grain of wheat, but by the end of John, Christ became the Firstborn among many brothers (20:17), the first of many grains. The one grain became many grains because He imparted Himself into us.

The Lord’s going to the cross for us to die for us was His falling into the ground to die, in order to come up in resurrection in order to produce us into the many grains.

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